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“What is a car title loan?” It’s very simple: a title loan is just a short-term loan where you use the value of your drivable, lien-free car or truck as collateral. More importantly, a title loan is a fast and easy way to obtain the extra cash you need for any reason whatsoever.

When you secure a title loan at Alabama Title Loans in Birmingham or Pelham, we hold the vehicle title and give you the much-needed cash while you keep your keys and drive away in your own car. We calculate your loan based on the value of your vehicle and your ability to make repayment, which means you can end up with anywhere between $150 to $5,000 in your pocket. We offer title loans with a 30-day renewable contract. There’s no waiting period and no credit check.

Our Easy 3-Step Process:

Step 1

Come see us. Simply bring your drivable, lien-free vehicle, the title, and your valid photo ID to an Alabama Title Loans location near you. Click here to find a location.

Step 2

Fill out our quick and easy application. As you fill out our form, we evaluate your vehicle. We’ll work with you to determine how much cash you qualify for based on your needs, the value of your car or truck, and your ability to repay. We will clearly explain all terms, conditions, and requirements before asking you sign anything.

Step 3

Collect your cash. We provide same-day approval. In 20 to 30 minutes, you’ll have your cash, your vehicle, and your keys.

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About Alabama Title Loans in Birmingham and Pelham: Alabama Title Loans opened in 1993, and have since become one of the largest and most respected title loan companies in Alabama. We strive to help our customers with any of their financial needs with the helpful and friendly style Alabama title loans has always been known for. We are the most flexible title loan company around, and have helped thousands of satisfied customers, and we want to help you too! Give us a call today.

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Why Choose Alabama Title Loans?

Established in 1993, Alabama Title Loans has been a highly respected institution in Alabama for over two decades. With two convenient locations in Birmingham and Pelham, we can get you the money you need quickly, regardless of where you are in the area. Let us show you the Alabama Title Loans difference today.